How The Training Works

Course Curriculum

    1. 01 - Accessing the APL

    2. 02 - Updates To The APL

    3. The APL

    1. 01 - Join The Community

    2. 02 - TradingView - Registering and Cloning our Breakout Page

    3. 03 - Glossary of Terms

    1. 01 - Ticker Symbols

    2. 02 - Understanding The Price Scale

    3. 03 - How do Pips & Points Equate to Money

    4. Price Quiz

    1. 01 - What are Lagging Indicators

    2. 02 - What are Leading Indicators

    3. Leading & Lagging Indicators Quiz

    1. 01 - What are Candlesticks

    2. 02 - Indecision and Reversal Candlesticks

    3. 03 - Candlesticks in a Trend

    4. Candlesticks Quiz

    1. 01 - What are Chart Patterns?

    2. 02 - Continuation Patterns - Flags

    3. 03 - Continuation Patterns - Double Top and Double Bottom

    4. 04 - Continuation Patterns - Triple Top & Triple Bottom

    5. 05 - Continuation Patterns - Cup and Handle, and Inverted Cup and Handle

    6. 06 - Continuation Patterns - Head and Shoulders, and Inverted Head and Shoulders

    7. 07 - Continuation Patterns - XYZ Bottom and XYZ Top

    8. 08 - Reversal Patterns - Double Top and Double Bottom

    9. 09 - Reversal Patterns - Head and Shoulders, and Inverted Head and Shoulders

    10. 10 - Reversal Patterns - XYZ Bottom and XYZ Top

    11. Chart Patterns Quiz

About this course

  • 18 Modules
  • 8 Hours
  • £9,000.00

Here's What You Get With The Phoenix Premium

  • Quick Setup System

  • Bi-weekly Scanned Video Analysis of Top Currencies and Commodities

  • Onboarding, Introduction and Progress Call

  • Live Weekly Analysis, Methodology and Q&A Webinar

  • Instant Notification Service

  • Advanced Investment Plan

  • Live Day of Training

  • Advanced Level 1 Breakout Strategy

  • Live Training Day Recordings

  • Advanced Level 2 Breakout Strategy

  • Signal Copy Service

  • Advanced Pullback Strategy

  • Risk & Position Sizing Calculator

  • Advanced Exit Management Systems

  • Positions Record Log

  • 22 Bespoke Advanced Investment Tools

  • Broker Training Videos

  • Private Member Community

  • ROI Wealth Calculator to Work Out Your Compound Number

  • Weekly List of Top US Stocks

  • Our Complete Methodology PDF

  • Bi-weekly Scanned Video Analysis of Top UK and US Stocks

  • How to Choose a Broker PDF


  • Zaheer Anwari


    I have been investing in the financial markets since 2007 and mentoring professionals and business owners since 2012. I initially started investing to get more out of my hard-earned money, which has evolved into an incredible journey improving financial literacy in adults. I came together with my fellow co-founders in 2018 to create Sublime Trading and The Gryphon Fund, and we have grown into a global community of professionals and business owners.

    Taking control of my financial situation was one of the most significant decisions I have ever made, which not only allowed me to achieve life-changing returns but has put me in a very privileged position to share this information with others.

    Breaking the financial illiteracy loop in adults and giving them a foundation to create generational wealth is our purpose.

    I am now a public speaker and a contributor to several top publications. My message, good investing is far simpler than people realise!

  • Kola Gbadamasi


    My investing journey began in 2005, and what opened my eyes to investing was the freedom to create financial independence with just a laptop and an internet connection. Through many years of learning the craft, I was introduced to a long-term approach that proved to have a solid track record that could also overcome the test of time.

    Consistency, focus, and discipline are key to investing success and our methodology and strategy allow us to implement these three critical ingredients in our investments.

    It is important to create generational wealth for our loved ones and this concept inspires me to use my skills and knowledge to help many individuals create wealth so they can focus on what matters to them the most.

    Together we are on a journey to helping those that seek investing success get there without the obstacles we were faced with.

Our Customer Results

Mr Craig Law

“My decision to join Sublime Trading was based on the extensive training available, robust risk management, trading community, and the technical analysis provided by the team. This enabled me to focus more on my personal life whilst removing any anxiety on daily market fluctuations. Knowing that there is a system in place really does provide that peace of mind I was missing prior to joining. My thanks go to Kola and Zaheer for their mentorship and going that extra mile in developing the community that they have created.”

Jeremy van der Staaij

“The continuously added features and effort to make the membership worthwhile are beyond anything I have ever experienced. The cost versus value is nowhere close from what they could ask of people. Vital for me to say is that they teach the Technical Analyses which is applied, as I feel independence is the most important thing as an investor over the long term I am highly appreciative of this and allows one to place positions on other markets or assets which are not covered in the program.”

Glen Evans

“Sublime Trading is a welcome change compared to the charlatans that you find out there for online trading and education. Both Zaheer and Kola offer integrity and honesty in the service that they provide. There are no hidden agendas in their training and education material using years of personal experience in providing an excellent service. They want you to succeed in your own abilities and stand by you with support and knowledge.”


“Honest and genuine people who run this community who are invested in helping people like me. They genuinely care about how members are progressing in the trading and making sure we are keeping up with our trades and learning! I was successful in increasing my account by 20% the first year I was with them which I had not done previously in another community.”


“Sublime trading is definitely a great choice for your journey into trading, the mentors are knowledgeable, giving you a wealth of information, tools, and training, the community is awesome, respectful and we are all willing to help each other out. I definitely recommend joining.”


“A great community that provides the rules, tools, education, leadership and coaching together with developing the required mindset to navigate the complex market of these types of investments.”


“I joined sublime Trading 2 years ago after several courses that were a waste of time and money. Day trading is a mug's game, and after training with Sublime, I stopped losing money, started looking at long-term positions, and started being patient. Sublime is a great group of like-minded people looking to grow their capital. I love the weekly interaction and videos that scan the market for the best opportunities every Sunday. The online videos and training are great. You can sign in any time and ask questions if you're not sure of something. Looking forward, I can now see some realistic growth on my trading account. Great group to be involved with”